Sprinkling Happiness

AS part of Mental Health week in the school a group of TY students took part in an event on Tuesday 26th April. We became the first school in Ireland – and the second in Europe – to take part in a unique event spreading a little joy and happiness into people’s lives. This idea began in the USA in 2012 and has spread quickly throughout the USA and Canada.  The TY students from Loreto were out bright and early outside the school in high-vis jackets, holding large, bright yellow happy faces they had made themselves.  They also held signs which bore messages such as “You are Loved” and “It’s Going to be All Right”.  Later in the morning they travelled down to the Parade and to High Street “sprinkling happiness”.  The reaction was very positive: people waved, honked their horns and several people even came over for a hug or a chat.  It was a very worthwhile and fun project for all the student involved.