Department Evaluations

Department of Education Evaluations

The school community strives to ensure that high expectations are maintained and achieved in all aspects of school life.Whole-school Evaluation, Department of Education & Skills, 2014

Early in 2014, Loreto was evaluated by the Department of Education’s Inspectorate. The intensive process assessed all areas of school life in terms of the quality of teaching and learning, student supports, planning, management, facilities etc. We are very proud of the final report which reflects the exceptional qualities of our school. The full report can be accessed at the link on the right of this page.

Please also view the following subject and programme reports that have also been issued.

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Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (2019)

Guidance Programme (2017)

WSE Follow-Through Inspection (2015)

Whole School Evaluation (2014)

Leaving Certificate Applied (2013)

Irish (2013)

English (2012)

Physical Education (2012)

Business (2010)

French (2010)

Physics (2008)

German (2007)

Mathematics (2006)




Whole-School Evaluation
Management, Leadership and Learning Report