Induction of First Years

Starting secondary school can be both exciting and daunting in equal measure. For this reason we have developed an effective programme to help the girls settle in:

  • Open Night – prior to enrolment
  • Tablet/e-Book training prior to the start of school.
  • 1st Year induction day – students attend school without the other year groups. They will meet with their year heads, class tutors and their peer mentors (trained 5th Years) who also organise a tour of the school.
  • Our Home-School Liaison teacher plays a special role in student induction.
  • 1st Year students receive no homework for the first two weeks.
  • Bonding afternoon in the first fortnight.
  • Information Booklet – prepared by our own students.
  • Peer Mentors are fifth year students who understand what it is like to be a new student in Loreto. They volunteer to take part and undergo training to help first year students settle in. Peer mentors support new students by:
    • solving difficulties they may experience in a new school.
    • encouraging students to make new friends and bond with their classmates by spending time with the class at lunchtimes and organising fun activities
    • Encouraging students to become involved in extracurricular activities in school
    • Sharing their experiences, challenges and insights of first year in Loreto
    • Peer mentors meet their first year classes on Induction Day and then lunchtimes throughout September and October.
  • Breakfast mornings organised by our language departments.
  • Sports tournaments with teams arranged by class in Hockey, Camogie and Soccer.

And for parents…

  • Information night for 1st Year parents – (before your daughter starts)
  • Coffee morning for new parents.
  • Handbook for parents – produced by our Parents’ Association.
  • The support of our staff as we help your daughter settle into her new school.

Caring for our Students