Student Supports

Our aim is to help our students to develop into happy adults who have the skills and values to cope with the challenges of life, while also being aware of their own capacity to support others in need. We also know that to reach her potential and to enhance her personal development, a student must feel supported through the specific challenges of adolescence. Our caring and dedicated staff work tirelessly to provide this support and we have structures in place to ensure that no student is left without her needs being addressed. We take particular care with the induction of our new students and you can see how our programme runs in the enrolment section of this website (click here).

Class Tutor

Each class is assigned a tutor who teaches the group but also takes a special interest in the class, promoting class spirit, keeping an ‘eye out’ for the needs of girls in the class and working towards resolving any issues that might arise. Each tutor has an extra meeting with her/his tutor group every Friday.

Year Head

Each year group is assigned a Year Head who leads the group by promoting good attendance and behaviour, academic success, pastoral care and overall school spirit. The Year Head liaises with the class tutors and works with parents where necessary to resolve issues that might arise. The Year Head also organises regular year group assemblies. The Year Head is the key point of contact for parents when there are any general concerns about their daughter’s progress.

Deputy Principal

Each year group is also assigned a Deputy Principal who works closely with the Year Heads towards the achievement of our aims. The Deputy Principal also acts as the key link between the Year Head and the Care Team. One of the Deputy Principals also acts as the Deputy Designated Liaison Person (see below).


The principal takes overall responsibility for pastoral care in the school while acting as the Designated Liaison Person in relation to Child Protection issues (see relevant section).

Guidance Programme

The school employs two full-time Guidance Counsellors who deliver a programme of educational and career guidance as well as personal counselling. They also organise information nights for parents in relation to key issues such as subject choice and college applications while they are key leaders in the promotion of mental health.

Home School Liaison

Loreto employs a part-time Home-School Liaison teacher who works towards promoting and strengthening the links between home and school. She also liaises with primary schools and other agencies to work towards the pastoral support of students and practical advice for parents. Our home-school service aims to promote inclusion and engagement in education, particularly where there may be barriers in that regard.

Care Team

Loreto has a Care Team that comprises the key pastoral personnel and its aim is to put support plans in place for students who have particular needs. The team meets weekly and the meetings are attended by the school principal, deputy principals, guidance counsellors, home-school liaison teacher and the learning support coordinator.

Special Education/Learning Support

Our team of learning support teachers are very often well-placed to identify students with particular learning needs who might need extra pastoral supports. For that reason, the Learning Support department is represented at the Care Team meeting.