Healthy eating week

By Eimear Keoghan, Sophie O’Grady & Rachel Tobin (5th year students)

In order to promote the ‘Health Promoting Schools’ initiative in our school, we decided to organise a ‘Healthy Eating Week’ which ran from the 29th of February to the 4th of March.

Throughout the week we promoted the benefits of having a healthy diet. We did this by raising awareness of the importance of a healthy diet. With the kind, generous support of local businesses we were able to distribute different foods to the school.

Glanbia and the National Dairy Council were extremely kind as they sent different types of milk to promote how important it is for teenage girls to consume calcium rich foods to prevent osteoporosis later on in life. The transition years also got a presentation from Glanbia’s nutritionist, Claire McGartland who provided the girls with a very informative talk.

We encouraged people to eat the recommended 5+ portions of fruit and vegetables per day. The Aubergine very generously donated a selection of different fruits to hand out during break-time. This was a great success. 2nd years had the privilege of listening to local nutritionist Ellen Roche about the benefits of healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle also.

The first year healthy eating quiz also took place to help promote more awareness of healthy eating. Winners included Aine Kirwan, Niamh Hickey, Emily Hayde, Ella O’Neill, Olive O’Keeffe from Class 1A and 1B. Also Saidhbhin Reid, Mia Ryan, Allessandra Ryan, Ana Radu and Georgia Shine from Class 1F. Well done to the first years who won the competition for the best healthy eating slogan of the week…”Fruit and veg, take the pledge”!

And also “Lemons are sour, strawberries are sweet. Fruit and veg are the best treat”!